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The Sequencer Open-Source Software


Are you looking for an open-source solution that can:

If this is your case, you can continue with an overview of the sequencer or jump directly to the tutorial where you will learn how the "sequencer can ping the world".


The sequencer is an engine used by system administrators for the computation and execution of sequences of actions over hardware or software.

As an example, consider using the sequencer for starting/stopping a whole set of hardware (or software) components such as a whole group of racks including connecting switches. The sequencer is:

Main Usage

The sequencer mostly targets management of clusters and data-centers for:

Main Features

The sequencer provides the following main features:

Download & Installation

Downloading by hand is not normally required. The standard Python installation process will do everything for you, in particular, dependencies will be taken into account. See the wiki for details.

Nevertheless, the following format are still provided:

You can also clone the project with Git by running:
$ git clone git://


The official documentation is on the wiki.


The sequencer depends on the following open-source products:


GPL v3

Contact & Support

Mailing Lists

Post here for any discussion about the sequencer:

Instant Messaging (IRC)

Either connect with your IRC client to freenode IRC ( and join channel #sequencer or use the web IRC client.

Professional Support & Services

Professional support and services for the sequencer can be purchased. Contact: Pierre Vignéras (


This software has been designed and implemented by Pierre Vignéras.